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DC Manager (Massachussetts, USA)

The position is responsible for the oversight of Distribution Center Services (receiving, handling, picking, packing, inventory replenishment, transportation, etc.) and Supply Management Services (inventory review, put-away of received stock, maintain supply storage areas, process product changes as required, etc.) at customer sites. The position will do so through assembling, selecting and training management and front-line staff to create a formidable team to execute the required services.

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DC Supervisor (Massachusetts, USA)

This position is responsible for the day to day management of the receiving, put away, restocking, picking, shipping, returns to vendors, recalls, returns from users, ensuring inventory integrity and Distribution Center maintenance functions. The Distribution Center Supervisor is also responsible to manage Distribution Center associates and work with the Inventory Analysts, Operations Analyst, and Distribution Center Analyst to ensure a smooth, efficient Distribution Center operation.

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Available Candidates

Senior Account Executive (Montreal)

This candidate has solid sales experience within the medical industry in Quebec, Canada, the US and Europe.

  • Previous role: Senior account executive at a leading provider of supply chain management solutions
  • Cumulated more than 18 years of sales experience, including in the medical equipment and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Experience in sales personnel canagement
  • Bachelor of Business Administration

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